I offer a variety of services to meet your unique project needs, including research and planning, design and development, and marketing.

You can always contact me to discuss a custom project.

60 Minute Strategy Call

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re working on a project. Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective. Have a new product or feature you’re not sure about? Is your current website failing to deliver value to your company? In a strategy call, we will tackle a specific challenge you’re facing and devise a strategy and next steps so you can solve it and keep moving forward.

The Strategy Call is £200 (by phone or Skype call).

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Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Your brand is the amalgamation of everything your audience hear, see or feel about your product or service. By getting to know and understand your business, I can help you tell your brand’s unique story through a crafted, digital-ready identity and shape the vision of your business in your customers eyes.

Branding projects budget and timeline vary depending on scope.

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User Experience (UX) Strategy & Design

I work on a limited number of full user experience design projects. I specifically do experience design including digital product strategy, user-flows and wireframes. We’ll work together to refine your product requirements and translate them into wireframes.


User Experience (UX) Audits

Is your team stuck in the weeds? Are you struggling to figure out why your product isn’t converting? With a UX Audit I will identify the UX flaws and provide actionable recommendations for quick wins, A/B test suggestions, and roadmap ideas to help you get results.


User Research & Usability Testing

Do you want to learn more about your existing or future customers? Don’t waste time and money building a project unless you’ve done the research first to learn about people and their actual problems. I’ll create and execute a custom research plan based on your specific product’s stage and needs.


User experience design projects budget and timeline vary depending on scope.

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Digital Design & Front-end Development

I also work on a limited number of digital design projects. From User Interface (UI) design to full-blown websites, I will help you shape the best version of your digital product.


Interactive Prototyping

Even if you’re not quite there yet but are ready to get your idea into the hands of customers, I can help you create a prototype that can be used to get feedback from users so that you can iterate before you commit time and money to building it. Custom prototypes have various levels of fidelity depending on your specific needs and can be interactive.


Digital design projects budget and timeline vary depending on scope.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

With launch day in site, SEO & SEM is often an afterthought. But what business can survive without a pipeline of qualified leads? With an SEO audit, I identify any technical or quality issues that may be hampering your sites ability to rank well in the search engine results. By taking the time to understand your business, I’m able to tailor your audit around your specific circumstances.

SEO Audits start at £500 (typical turnaround is 5 working days).

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